“I’m not the cause of breakup between Samidoh and Edday” – Karen Nyamu declares

Karen Nyamu has absolved herself from claims that her involvement with Samidoh caused Edday Nderitu to run away to the US with her three children.

The UDA-nominated senator opened up about Edday’s intention to move to America while responding to a netizen who had accused her of wrecking Samidoh’s first marriage.

“I used to love this lady but kutoka nione ile pande ingine vitu ziko serious hivo nikajua she will never know peace, mwanaume wa wenyewe ukichukua wacha kuchukua hadi space ya the first wife., think of her kids too they are children too, at least limit the boundaries, she has a heart too,” Pauline Juliah commented on Nyamu’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Karen Nyamu insisted that she should not be blamed for Edday’s decision to relocate to the US, claiming that she yearned to live abroad.

The UDA-nominated senator further added that if Edday was pissed about her being with Samidoh she would have left her marriage five years earlier.

“Kwani nikizaa twice haikua serious. Mtu akitamani kuishi America pia mnanilaumu? If it was about me angewacha mzee 5 years ago,” Karen Nyamu replied.

Pauline Juliah further told Karen Nyamu that the online drama was what caused Edday to give up on her marriage, imploring the UDA-nominated to keep Samidoh and stop the dramas.

“Karen Nyamu, Youth President I think hizi drama zako za online ndio zimifika koo,chukua mwanaume wa mtu na utulie si drama right left centre,” Pauline Juliah added.

Nyamu, however, noted that Samidoh should be blamed for the drama saying that it was not her duty to keep their house in order.

She further stressed that there was no way Samidoh would have dated her in secret without making their relationship public.

“Pauline Juliah drama blame the man its not my duty to put our hse in order. If it was my duty mambo ingekua different lol na siwezi fichwa pia kuna madem wa kuficha,” Nyamu said.

Samidoh recently responded angrily to a netizen who asked him to visit his children in the US as his music tour has seen him visit different countries across the globe.

“Na upitie watoto boss,” Teresiah Nyambura Wainaina told Samidoh.

Samidoh dismissed Wainaina saying that he would remember to visit the kids if he sires some with her.

Edday and her three children moved to the US in early May 2023.

In July, Samidoh’s estranged wife said in a post on social media that she was not in a polygamous marriage, adding that she had left her husband to ‘whoever needed him more’.

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