“Kutahiriwa ni kitu kidogo sana” – Raila Odinga declares

Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga has criticized some communities in Kenya who view circumcision as a matter of life and death.

He believes that some communities view leaders as unfit due to their foreskin not being cut.

Odinga spoke during a consultation with local leaders in Teso North, stating that circumcision is a common practice in most African countries.

He also mentioned that the Teso community wanted to be separated from Bungoma County due to the noise during the circumcision period.

“There was a problem. The Teso said that they don’t want to be in Bungoma County because when the Bukusu are doing the circumcision, they start causing trouble by forcefully circumcising the older men from the Teso community,” Mr Odinga said.

He used the opportunity to castigate some of the communities that take the issue of circumcision to determine who leads them.

ODM leader said that across the border to Uganda, only two tribes practice circumcision.

“This things about circumcision is only in parts of Kenya. It is a small thing that is more of religion that came through Ethiopia, and entered Kenya through the Bantus. The Bantus in Cameroon are not being circumcised, Bantus in South Africa they are not being circumcised. So circumcision is a small thing, and anyone who takes it to be a big issue is fool.”

Mr Odinga said that it’s time that people, even a Teso, can be a leader with or without undergoing circumcision.

Also, the ODM leader condemned the circumcision of girls in some parts of the country, saying that it is an evil thing and those practicing it should face the law.

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