DJ Pierra Makena addresses claims of being assaulted by her baby daddy

DJ Pierra Makena denied a domestic dispute with her baby daddy led to a swollen face, uploading a video of herself with swelling and stating she was in the hospital for treatment.

Some fans believed the swelling was due to a beating from her child’s father, who left her when she was five months pregnant.

However, Makena denied the rumours and clarified that it was just an illness and urged her fans to slow down such attacks.

“Fam I’m better now and getting treatment from home. I didn’t get hit so my army lower your weapons. I had an allergic reaction from severe lower back pain. Allergy… details recovering.”

DJ Pierra Makena addresses claims of being assaulted by her baby dady
DJ Pierra Makena addresses claims of being assaulted by her baby daddy

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DJ Pierra Makena on motherhood

In a previous candid interview, DJ Pierra Makena opened up about on her career as a Disc Jockey and motherhood.

She admitted that juggling the two was not easy since her job requires her to be away most of the time and she also has to create time for her daughter.

“It’s one of the hardest things ever, especially being a single parent. It’s not like she is left with the father, it’s just me so when I work at night and come home during the day I have to spend time with my baby.

“I have to compensate for that with my sleep. It’s really hard, sometimes I feel like quitting, but I think of my baby’s future,” she said.

Pierra Makena
Pierra Makena

DJ Pierra Makena’s relationship with baby daddy

In the interview, Makena also talked about her baby daddy saying he was never in the picture from the beginning.

She added that their relationship was alright until she got pregnant, saying the man got married to another woman when she was five months pregnant.

“When I got pregnant he did not want anything to do with us. He was very polite about it. He didn’t demean me but five months later he got married to someone else. That hurt me.

“I didn’t know how I would move on from it but I did. I was happy for him because he got his happiness. I didn’t follow up on his life,” she said.

DJ Pierra Makena's relationship with baby daddy
DJ Pierra Makena’s relationship with baby daddy

Makena also quashed rumours that the man was married, clarifying that this happened after their relationship had ended.

“No, he was never married. We had dated for a while. Then we broke up, and two weeks later is when I found out I was pregnant. After five months he found a girl he connected with and they got married. So as much as I got hurt by the fact he was getting married while I was carrying his child, I just had to live with it because that’s just life. It’s a rollercoaster,” she said.

The DJ said she cannot disclose the identity of her baby daddy because he now has a wife and kids, and she has no intention to destroy that.

“He’s also not part of our lives. There’s a time we met and talked and he admitted that he had not been a good parent. I let him know that the day he is ready to be a good father I will let him. He is her real father and that will never change.”

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