It is official! Milly Wa Jesus in tears after pregnancy news

In a moving video, businessman Kabi Wa Jesus and his stunning wife Milly revealed some devastating news.

The famous couple has suffered a setback as they prepare to welcome a new member into their family this year.

After extensive planning, the couple heartily disclosed that they no longer anticipate a bundle of happiness.

In a viral video, they broke the devastating news to their online fans, and they were unable to contain their emotions.

“So guys, it is official we are not pregnant,” Kabi, who sat close to his gorgeous wife Milly, said, showing the pregnancy kit.

Milly Wa Jesus in tears after pregnancy news
Milly Wa Jesus in tears after pregnancy news

Milly said she felt sad and bad as her husband, Kabi, tried to comfort and console her after the high expectations.

She could not take in the news asking questions about why their labour never came to fruition after all they had done.

“I was so sure we were pregnant. Everything was aligning. Pregnancy belongs to God because we have done our best. This time around, we have tried,” Kabi shared as he comforted a broken Milly, who reiterated her hubby’s words that she was convinced they were pregnant.

Kabi told Milly that God’s timing was different and that He would give them a child in His will.

He also noted they had removed the intrauterine device (IUD) to bolster their chances of having a child.

“I don’t want to talk about it because I do not want to try another month and then another because I am afraid. I do not want to go on such a journey again,” Milly noted.

Kabi assured her of his presence and support, promising that he was going nowhere and that his presence mattered.

Earlier, Kabi surprised their wife, Milly, with a trip to Singapore and Malaysia after Valentine’s Day.

The content creator asked his wife to gift him a third baby as his Valentine’s gift, and Milly tearfully accepted.

They shared snaps and videos as they enjoyed themselves in different destinations in Singapore.

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