Nairobi man loses his ‘transformer’ over Sh80 alcohol bill

Two people were charged with causing serious bodily harm to a client’s privates in a shocking incident at a Kayole nightclub.

The individuals were an employee and a security staff member who was also the club manager. The incident stemmed from a dispute over an unpaid bill of Sh80.

In a club in the Mihango area on April 16, the 28-year-old bouncer Festus Makori and the 36-year-old waitress Jerica Muthoni were accused of chopping off a client’s manhood while they were with other people. The charges were not filed in court.

The victim code named SM was brutally mutilated of all of his genitalia on that fateful day; as a result, he sustained severe injuries.

Details state that the incident happened at a neighborhood bar a short distance from the Kayole police precinct. According to reports, SM refused to pay the Sh80 for the beer he had requested.

The said beer is alleged to have been poured by another patron, hence his refusal to cater for the bill. As a result, the waitress seized his mobile phone and alerted the bouncer, Makori. SM informed police that he was forcibly removed from the premises by the bouncer and two men, amidst threats of emasculation.

An attack ensued within the club and SM was hit with blows that rendered him unconscious. The bouncer is suspected of taking part in ejecting SM from the club, binding, undressing him and executing the cruel act while masquerading as a law enforcement officer.

SM was still unconscious when the gruesome act took place. Upon regaining consciousness, he noticed that he was severely injured and exposed while surrounded by bystanders outside the nightclub, with his assailants having locked themselves inside the premise.

A motorcycle rider who was passing by was shocked to learn that the person groaning was familiar to him. He rushed him to a medical facility and due to the severity he was referred to another hospital. SM was treated at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

During investigation, the bouncer claimed that their only involvement was to remove SM from the club to prevent further disruption and left him outside.

Both the suspects denied allegations before Senior Principal Magistrate Hellen Okwani at the Makadara Law Courts and requested considerate bail and bond terms.

However, the state prosecution, led by counsel Eric Musyoka, contested the request, advocating for a comprehensive pre-bail evaluation of the suspects.

Magistrate Okwani ordered the detention of the accused until July 1, 2024, when the pre-bail report is scheduled to be reviewed.

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