Actress Minne and Michelle Ntalami’s beef escalates

Minne Kariuki has decided to sue Michelle Ntalami in court.

The actress, through her lawyers, has written Ntalami a formal document begging her to drop any legal action against her.

Minnie alleged that Ntalami had made defamatory accusations about her on social media.

In a legal statement, she stated that Ntalami’s words had tarnished her brand as an actor and that is her major source of income.

Minnie decided to put it that Ntalami was clout chasing using her name and fake legal action and she needs to be compensated for the damages done to her name.

“Our client’s reputation shall not be tarnished at the behest of your clout-chasing”

According to Kariuki’s lawyers, Ntalami’s actions of posting about a live court case and litigating the same via the court of public opinion is against the law and serious actions must be taken against her.

The lawyers have given Ntalami a maximum of three days to stop making further defamatory statements, publicly retract her previous statement, and further demanded a sum of three million Kenyan shillings paid to their client as compensation for her previous remarks.

Other than making their demands known, Minnie’s legal team also requested Ntalami to formally serve them with all court documents as required by the applicable laws and regulations.

Failure of Ntalami to meet their demands Kariuki’s lawyers will take legal action against her and institute a suit for damages.

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