Kishash singer Lil Maina says he doesn’t drink or smoke

In 2021, Kenyan musician Jeremy Maina, alias Lil Maina, produced a club smash that extolled the virtues of partying. But he is not about that life, which many people are unaware of.

In a recent interview, Lil Maina acknowledged that he does not smoke or drink. According to Lil Maina on 2mbili TV, he makes a living off of the popularity of the song “Kishash.”

He saved up enough money to purchase a BMW that costs sh1.5 million. The reserved Maina revealed how much he adores the company. Additionally, he explained why he hadn’t performed musically since Kishash.

“I’ve kept quiet after kishash to give fans time to enjoy it, wakichoka hivu naangusha ingine in a month or two”


“before kishash wasn’t being taken seriously ilikuwa kuboeka nikaamua kuingia studio nitoe kitu moja safi”

Many fans assume he is from a rich family. Lil Maina set the record straight

“I am not a rich kid where I come from. I’m not from a rich family. I’m from a humble background. I bought my BMW for 1.45mil, my mum and I chipped in to buy this car”

Does he live the lifestyle he sings on Kishash?

“I’ve never tasted alcohol in my life. I would never buy anyone alcohol. I mean if I don’t drink why should I buy for you alcohol? but friends in my circle drink. Me I am the *responsible*”

Explaining this statement, Lil Maina pointed out

“I’m the one who takes the drunk ones home.”

Does he take shash? “Ah zi. (shaking head no) I just sing this music. I’ve never taken kishash, ngoma yenye mi huimba ni kuimbia wasee. Maybe passive smoking naskia eh but paranoia ah ah kama paranoia ndio utamu ni uongo”

The rise of Kenyan internet sensation Lil Maina

Lil Maina rose to fame after videos of him pranking his grandparents went viral.

The recent high school graduate has been making the most absurd videos since 2018, taking online comedy to a new level with his antics, which are actually part and parcel of his lyrics as we have grown to find out.

The young star has understood the power of laughter, his funny skits on TikTok and Instagram coupled with his bizarre lyrics have not only elicited positive reactions from Kenyans but also attracted a barrage of loyal fans.

In 2022, Maina’s Kishash ft Ndovu Kuu managed to clock over 1 million views on YouTube in just 19 days. Kishash was also the top streamed track on Spotify after being released officially on December 31, 2021.

Fans were excited when Lil Maina and Ndovu Kuu revealed that they were working on a joint project and when the song drop it was accorded a deserving reception as the two did not disappoint.

Several reactions suggested that Ndovu Kuu was the icing on the cake as far as Kishash is concerned.

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