TikToker Nyako offers to pay rent for suffering Brian Chira

TikToker Nyako has stepped out to support Brian Chira, a fellow user who has been struggling ever since Azziad Nasenya filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly insulting her.

Chira has a history of using his TikTok live to make derogatory remarks about individuals when intoxicated, leading others to worry if he will ever learn his lesson.

He returned to live TikTok a few days after the police let him go after charging him with posting Azziad’s phone number there. He then began insulting Jalang’o.

Nyako, who has come to his aid, has promised to walk beside him and assist him in finding a place to live.

“We are going to start with a place to stay. So that you are stable. A stable home is the most important thing for you now. A place you call home hata kama ni room moja. But you know when I go there.

I’m going to have peace of mind than leo uko hapa, kesho uko pale, the next day unajipata in a chang’aa den, unaingia live, umetumiwa lions, you have friends, three days they laugh with you but when the money is gone they have disappeared. It is confusion. I want you to be stable,” she said.

Nyako also urged fans to show Chira love, as that’s what he needed the most.

She also admitted that seeing Chira deteriorate in front of his eyes made her feel sad which was why she partnered with other TikTokers to get him help before it was too late.

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