Trevor takes over Mungai Eve YouTube channels after breakup

Director Trevor has confirmed he will be taking over the YouTube channels co-managed by Mungai Eve, a well-known content creator and former romantic partner.

The channel, known for its engaging content, will undergo a rebranding to become Kenya Online Media, a move that has sparked speculation in the online media space.

This change signifies a new direction for the channel, which boasted a robust following of 754,000 subscribers, demonstrating the duo’s significant impact on the Kenyan YouTube landscape.

Director Trevor also confirmed parting ways with Mungai Eve in management of the channel stating, “Her services are no longer needed.”

Director Trevor has also removed Mungai Eve from managing other platforms that were previously co-owned including the Insta Fame YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers as well as a Facebook page with 847,000 followers.

Trevor takes over Mungai Eve YouTube channels after breakup
Trevor takes over Mungai Eve YouTube channels after breakup

The decision to part ways professionally and the subsequent rebranding of their joint YouTube channel marks a significant shift in both their careers and the content landscape they once dominated together.

Mungai Eve and Director Trevor were a powerhouse, blending creativity with relatable content that resonated with a wide audience.

Their split raises questions about the future of the brand they founded and the dynamics of personal relationships in professional settings.

For fans and followers of Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, this announcement marks the end of an era.

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