Plot thickens as family of Kelvin Kiptum’s coach rejects autopsy report

Dr. Benson Macharia, a pathologist, performed Kelvin Kiptum’s coach Gervais Hakizimana’s autopsy at Eldoret Hospital, to a wild reception.

In a tragic car accident, the mentor of the late world marathon record holder passed away, leading to a thorough investigation to ascertain the cause of death.

The heartbreaking news was verified by Dr. Macharia’s autopsy report.

“He died of an intercranial bleeding due to head injury which is consistent with head injuries. The neck and head had fractures, which are consistent with the accident report,” Dr Macharia said.

Sandrine, the niece of the late Kelvin kiptum’s Rwandese coach, Gervais Hakizimana.

The report aligned closely with the initial police assessment of the accident, indicating fractures in the neck and head consistent with the crash.

Despite the medical findings, Hakizimana’s family expressed deep skepticism regarding the autopsy report.

They contended that the extent and nature of the injuries did not correlate with their observations of Hakizimana immediately following the tragedy.

Wreckage of the Toyota Premio that Kelvin Kiptum was driving

Sandrine, the niece of the deceased, voiced their rejection of the report, highlighting discrepancies between the findings and Hakizimana’s condition as witnessed by the family.

“Considering the car that was found when we found after the accident, and the way it was crashed, we are just wondering how can someone come out of such a car without having at least wounds,” she said.

In their pursuit of clarity and justice, the grieving family called upon the government to launch a thorough investigation into Hakizimana’s untimely death.

They emphasized the need for a comprehensive inquiry to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

Sandrine reiterated the family’s demand for transparency, urging authorities to delve deeper into the events leading to Hakizimana’s demise.

“We are about to leave and take the body but we are requesting the government of Kenya to do a thorough investigations because we can say that we are not satisfied with the information that we got from everything that we saw,” she said.

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