Pastor Kanyari finally addresses ‘Mbegu ya 310’ scandal 10 years later

Controversial preacher Pastor Victor Kanyari has addressed the infamous ‘Mbegu ya 310’ controversy and clarified the reasons behind his request for monetary contributions from his followers.

Speaking at his Nairobi Salvation Healing Ministry church, Kanyari disclosed that rather than being motivated by the prospect of miracles, his appeal for Sh310 in donations was made out of a desperate need to get out of poverty.

The ‘Mbegu ya 310’ controversy initially came to light in 2014 when Kanyari was allegedly used by KTN’s investigative desk, Jicho Pevu, to deceive his followers by staging miracles.

Many were taken aback by the revelation, which damaged Kanyari’s reputation and generated intense discussion regarding the legitimacy of his ministry.

Kanyari has now confessed that his decision to request Sh310 from his followers stemmed from financial struggles rather than a genuine intention to perform miracles.

He explained that at the time, he believed he was the most influential preacher in Nairobi, yet poverty had overwhelmed him completely.

In his own words, “I was the preacher speaking in Nairobi; there was no one else. But I didn’t have money, that’s why I started asking for Sh310.”

Pastor Kanyari finally addresses 'Mbegu ya 310' scandal
Pastor Kanyari finally addresses ‘Mbegu ya 310’ scandal

Acknowledging his financial hardship, Kanyari elaborated that his plea for Sh310 contributions was born out of necessity.

“Sikuwa na pesa, ndio maana nikaanza kuitisha Sh310. Nikasema panda mbegu ya 310 na tusibishanebishane. Si kutaka kwangu, umaskini ulikuwa umenitandika sawasawa,” confessed Kanyari.

Despite initially associating the donations with his prosperity, Kanyari emphasised that the financial aspect was not the primary motivation behind his ministry.

Over time, Kanyari came to realise that his true calling was not about accumulating wealth but rather about healing people from diseases.

He recognised that the true essence of his ministry lay in his ability to provide spiritual healing rather than financial prosperity. “God gave me an anointing, but it wasn’t anointing for money. It was for healing people from diseases,” he affirmed.

Despite the turbulent history surrounding the ‘Mbegu ya 310’ controversy, Kanyari proudly declared his prosperity.

He revealed that he now enjoys wealth and abundance, owning numerous cars and providing his children with access to prestigious schools.

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