“I Made It” – Harmonize thanks his ex-girlfriends for teaching him English

The Bongo Flava musician Harmonize has thanked Sarah Michelotti and Briana, his former girlfriends from Australia and Europe, for their fluency in English.

Following the release of his song “I Made It,” which featured English-sung vocals by Kenyan artist Bien Aime Baraza and American rapper Bobby Shmurda, the artist made these remarks.

Harmonize heard himself speak the song lyrics in the other language with ease and realized that this wasn’t because he was smart or talented, but rather because his ex-girlfriends had taught him English and served as his teachers.

The owner of the Konde Music Worldwide label disclosed that he was never able to attend school, but that he speaks English with assurance now, sounding as though he has multiple degrees.

“Yes! I remember how I couldn’t speak English at all. Life is a strange thing; I couldn’t go to school at all, but now this is my language,” said Harmonize.

“If you listen to any of my English songs and don’t understand a word, the problem is yours; go back to school. Big salute to my teachers Sara and Briana; today we’re making globally recognised music,” he concluded.

Harmonize thanks his ex-girlfriends for teaching him English
Harmonize thanks his ex-girlfriends for teaching him English

After leaving the WCB Wasafi label, many feel that Harmonize worked hard and achieved success in life due to significant support from his wife at that time, Sarah Michelotti, an Italian citizen.

However, later accusations of infidelity emerged, leading to their breakup. After some time, he was seen with a beauty from Australia, Briana.

His relationship with Briana did not last long, as they quietly separated before his involvement with actress Kajala Masanja.

Their engagement also ended at the end of 2022, six months after exchanging engagement rings.

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