Georgina Njenga confesses she misses her ex-boyfriend Baha

Georgina Njenga, a Kenyan influencer and creator of digital content, recently revealed information about her current romantic status while providing clarification on a recent post she made regarding dating men without money.

The small beauty claimed to be single but not looking for love in an interview with Nicholas Kioko. When asked about the relationship status of her ex-lover, Tyler Mbaya, she disclosed this information.

The YouTuber acknowledged that she is single but not looking for love, but she added that she wouldn’t know if he had moved on or not.

“Sijui kama amemove on but mimi niko soko…still single but not searching… Niko soko kujifind, na kugrow,” she relayed.

The mother of one also clarified that her recent post about dating a broke man was misinterpreted by people but she explained that she would not mind growing with a man.

“It was actually a question. I believe in hard work, and I totally believe in growing with someone. I just don’t believe that paying bills is a role ya gander.

Ama as a girl nafaa kuwa na mtu mwenye ananitumia a certain amount per month. If you have to do it because to, do it because you love me.”

She further said that she missed her life with her baby daddy.

“Yeah of course but life happened, things happened so we move on. One thing about life is life moves on, life keeps going on so hata nikimmiss, those are memories and at least Astara will grow to say that we were there.”

Georgina also disclosed that future plans for her relationship with Tyler were unknown but that that chapter was not completely closed.

“I think I’d say you never know with life. Huwezi plania life. Leo naeza kuwa nimeplan hatutarudiana alafu turudiane ama niseme hapa hatuezi rudiana nayeye alafu turudiane. Ama niseme tunaeza rudiana alafu tukose. But of cause, destiny holds its place so maybe someday.

Like I don’t plan about my life. Nita plan yes but Mungu ndio ako na the main key so maybe yeah, maybe no, but it is something that I’ve not closed from my chapter completely,” Georgina said.

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