Thee Pluto reveals the millions he paid to acquire new Prado TXL

Robert Ndegwa Kamau, also known as Thee Pluto, is a Kenyan digital content developer and entrepreneur. He recently purchased a Toyota Prado TXL, which cost him Sh. 8 million.

As his admirers questioned him about the aspects of his life they were most interested in during a Q&A, Pluto developed a close relationship with them.

He also issued a message to his detractors telling them not to be afraid to criticize him because he doesn’t even compensate his fans.

Given how well-off he appeared to be on social media, a curious netizen asked the father of two during the Q&A session if he felt like his dream life had been realized.

“Have you reached your dream life?”

To which the digital content creator replied by noting, “I’m not even close. But I keep trusting the process.”

On how many cars he currently owns Pluto declined to answer that question by providing vague answers.

“How many babies (cars) do you have sir?” an Instagram user asked to which he simply replied by saying, “Several.”

Pluto however did reveal the price of his new white Toyota Prado TXL. According to the digital content creator, the car cost him Sh.8 million.

6 months ago while responding to critics the young dad maintained he was able to acquire the new car through the trade-in process.

“Ati hakuna vile content inaeza buy gari. Manze kutoka nibuy hii gari nimekaptia I want to ask this, ‘I’m the only content creator in this country who has a car?’ Wivu ya nini jamani . It’s true many people want to see you fall.

I traded in my previous Prado to get the latest one, a diesel engine because we travel far during ‘sanitizations’. But what the enemy is telling you ni ati huyu msee anabuy magari mob in one year.

No way ako na hizo doo. Doo gani? Who doesn’t understand how trade-in happens? Stop manipulating my good people out there with lies!!!” a furious Pluto noted.

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