Popular KTN News anchor quits station after 5 years of service

Brenda Czeda Radido, anchor for KTN News, has said goodbye to the Mombasa Road-based media outlet after five years of service, bringing an end to a chapter in her remarkable career.

After joining the media outlet in 2018, Radido wrote a heartfelt message announcing her departure and thanking KTN News for the life-changing experience.

She gave the company credit for helping to define her identity and for giving her priceless chances for professional development.

KTN News anchor Brenda Czeda Radido
KTN News anchor Brenda Czeda Radido

The sassy presenter acknowledged the significant influence her time at KTN News had on both her personal and professional development in her farewell message, which she posted on social media.

“And just like that, my five-year stay at the Standard Group @ktnnews has come to an end. KTN News has built me and made me who I am today, the brand BRENDA CZEDA RADIDO,” she wrote.

Radido also expressed gratitude to the individuals and organizations who entrusted her with their stories, allowing her to fulfil her role as a journalist. She thanked her colleagues and superiors for their unwavering support and camaraderie, describing the teamwork at KTN News as unparalleled.

“KTN News has taken me to places l never thought of nor imagined. This far l have come it has been God without him l wouldn’t be here and who l am today. Everyone who allowed me to tell their stories on this platform @ktnnews asanteni sana.

“To my workmates and bosses thank you for believing in me…….oooohhhh my goodness l lack words to describe the great team work that we had,” she said.

During her farewell, Radido was pleasantly surprised by her team members who showered her with tokens of appreciation, including a bouquet, a cake, and heartfelt notes expressing their admiration and gratitude.

Before her tenure at KTN News, Radido honed her skills at the national broadcaster, KBC, where she worked for two years. Prior to that, she showcased her talents at Ebru TV from 2013 to 2016.

A graduate of St. Paul’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies, Radido’s departure marks the end of a remarkable chapter at KTN News.

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