Go marry her! Muigai wa Njoroge’s savage response to fan who claimed ex-wife Njeri supported him

Muigai wa Njoroge’s response to divorcing his first wife, Gladys Njeri, has generated conflicting opinions on social media.

Njeri talked candidly about her failed marriage to the polygamous gospel singer in a Kameme FM interview.

Njeri responded that she was no longer married to Muigai when asked if she was still married to him.

They tried, but it didn’t work, according to her.

“Ati am I married? Not any more? Not any more. We tried, I don’t blame anyone, and that is the saddest thing. It never worked anger became the danger,” she said. Adding: “Everything happening to me is divine. It happens for a reason. Whatever happened, I believe it was divine.”

Following her disclosure, many people expressed sympathy for her, among them James Light.

Muigai was reminded by James of Njeri’s encouragement and growth in his musical career.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "The same way... Queen Stacey Congratulations babes for walking away from toxic marriage peace is paramount 25 m Like Reply 15 Purity Macharia Queen Stacey Gakwareeee... The same was he cheated on another woman will be the same way he will cheat on you with another one. Giaku ti kia ngorofaaa!"

He later married a second wife as a way of paying her back.

“This lady supported Muigai in music so that everyone like me was looking on how we can have supportive wives like him. You invest with someone through a lot of sacrifice then another lady comes to enjoy your sweat,” he wrote.

Muigai savagely responded to the man, telling him to marry Njeri now that they were no longer together.

“Now marry her so that she can compose songs and make you rich,” he said.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says "James Light This lady supported Muigai in music so much that everyone like me were looking on how we can have supportive wife like him... You invest with someone through a lot of sacrifice then another lady comes to enjoy your sweat 1 1h Like Reply 17 Muigai wa Njoroge, OGW James Light riu mùhikie atungage nyimbo mùtonge. 27m Like Reply 12"

The singer’s harsh response left many in shock.

Muigai married his second wife, Queen Stacey, 12 years ago while still married to Njeri, and she (Njeri) revealed she was bitter and became an alcoholic because she couldn’t believe she had a co-wife.

Muigai and Stacey tied the knot in August 2023 in a colourful, traditional wedding.

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