Betty Kyallo takes legal action against blogger for tarnishing her name

Media personality Betty Mutei Kyallo has decided to take legal action against blogger Edgar Obare in an effort to protect her reputation.

On July 8, Betty posted on social media, expressing her frustration with people who have been defaming her without any solid evidence.

“I have decided to take legal action against people who defame me and my brand without any factual information. There have to be consequences for such malicious actions. I will no longer tolerate such spiteful, evil-intentioned, fake, and false stories against me,” she asserted.

Betty shared a demand letter on her social media channels, detailing her grievances against Obare. According to the letter, Obare published false information about Betty and her boyfriend, Charlie, on July 7, 2024.

The post, shared on Obare’s blog and social media channels, accused Betty and Charlie of running away from a hotel without paying their bill. The post read:

“Betty Kyallo and her Ben 10 Charlie Jones allegedly ran away with another bill at Silverstone Hotel. We give you all the receipts on #bnnpremium at the Link on Bio.”

Betty Kyallo takes legal action against blogger for tarnishing her name
Betty Kyallo takes legal action against blogger for tarnishing her name

Demands that Edgar Obare has to meet

The post, accessible to Obare’s 182,000 followers, quickly spread across other social media platforms.

Betty’s demand letter highlighted that the allegations were completely unfounded. “The post and comment contain various allegations, insinuations, and innuendos about our clients, which are entirely false and have no basis or foundation whatsoever,” the letter stated.

In response to these defamatory claims, Betty’s legal team outlined several demands in the letter:

Retraction and Apology: A full, unreserved, and unconditional retraction to be posted on the same blog and Instagram page, approved by Betty’s legal team, along with a full apology.
Removal of Defamatory Content: Immediate removal of all defamatory stories, posts, and comments related to Betty and Charlie from Obare’s blog and Instagram page.
Admission of Liability: A full and unconditional admission in writing of liability for defamation, leading to the discussion of damages payable to Betty and Charlie.
Commitment to Cease Defamation: An unconditional confirmation and commitment in writing not to post any further defamatory comments or articles about Betty and Charlie.
The letter concluded with a firm warning: Uless a positive response was received by the close of business on Friday, July 12, 2024, Betty’s legal team would proceed with appropriate legal actions.

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