“Kibe is a gentleman, oozes wisdom carelessly” – Babu Owino say after meeting Andrew Kibe

After years of online rivalry, dancehall superstar KRG the Din and his archenemy Andrew Kibe have finally met.

MP Babu Owino was present when the two met in Nairobi at an undisclosed location.

To the dismay of many, KRG later released meeting videos, despite having earlier threatened to settle their differences by fighting.

Some of their followers were let down because they thought the two were friends rather than the rivals they had portrayed on social media.


In the meantime, Babu Owino continued to drum up support for their interview by sharing specifics of the meeting with Andrew Kibe.

MP shared a picture of themselves with Kibe and revealed that they had just wrapped up an in-depth, idea-generating interview.

The legislator went on to praise Kibe stating that he is a gentleman in person and people should watch out for their interview.

“It was nice meeting Andrew Kibe for an intellectual/brainstorming interview which will be out today. Don’t miss this. Kibe is a gentleman in person and oozes wisdom carelessly,” Babu Owino stated.

At the same time, Babu lauded Kibe for setting up his own platform after being banned by YouTube where he used to air most of his content.

“He has started his own channel called YAFREEKA targeting the 1.4B population in Africa and beyond. This is an amazing channel that will unite Africans by discussing the challenges/solutions in Africa,” Babu said.

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