“I will carry another child for you” – Diana Marua promises Bahati another child

Rapper Diana Marua has complimented Bahati for his love for her in her post and shared various reasons why she decided to remain with the former gospel artist.

Diana characterized her spouse as someone who understands her and stated that he embraced her as his wife, warts and all.

At the same time, she stated that she is prepared to give birth to a fourth kid since she adores the singer so much.

“This man here Bahati. To be honest, I will carry another child for you, God willing. My husband, my King, my best friend, my confidant, my gossip lover, my medicine, who understands me better than I understand myself, Babe, allow me to open my heart to you,” Diana wrote on Instagram.

She added, “Every time you remind me where we came from, we end up laughing about it, crying or just happy that we didn’t give up. I settled with you because I wanted someone to love me with all my flaws and when I met and hung out with you, you were different. I loved the way you talked to me. It was indeed.”

The rapper attached er message with pictures of the ‘Mama’ hit singer. She went on to celebrate their seven-year love journey while revealing that it was not easy as they have broken up and gotten back together about seven times.

However, she pointed out that the times she has been separated from the musician have turned into lessons that have made them better for each other.

“Breaking up made us realize that we can differ because we are different but it didn’t mean we love each other less.

You always choose to be the bigger person and stand firm for our love. You taught me that love is patience, forgiveness, kindness, and love keeps me up at night even when I’ve made you angry,” she said.


The mother of three also took the opportunity to promise her husband lots of love and support as they continue to develop their marriage.

In his answer, Bahati pointed out that even if his wife’s offer to give birth to another child was sweet; she is not ready for another child.

The 30-year-old singer however assured his wife that he loves her very much and said he is blessed to have her.

“Sweetheart there. For another child, Chorea Kwanza. But above all, I believe with confidence that you are my bone that was missing…

Sometimes I will call you My Dream Girl A Woman Every Woman Would Wish to Call Wifey… I am Blessed to Call You Mine. I will love you until eternity,” Bahati said.

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