“He’s creative”- Christina Shusho praises Diamond after making stage entrance in a casket

Renowned Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho has praised fellow artist Diamond after making stage entrance in a casket.

When asked about her opinion on Diamond’s entrance, she initially stated that she had no prior knowledge of the incident, as she wasn’t closely following the matter.

However, she expressed her respect for Tanzania’s music industry and its creative artists.

She further emphasised her support for their endeavors, particularly when it comes to creativity in the music scene.

“Sijafuatilia kwa sababu nadhani nilikua busy kidogo. Lakini naheshimu kwa tasnia nzima ya sanaa ya Tanzania, they are very creative. So anything they do, kama ni creativity, mm nakubali creativity.

“[I haven’t been keen because I was little bit busy. However, I respect the Tanzanian music industry for they are creative. I agree with them in anything they do as long as it’s creativity],” Shusho said.

The bloggers insisted that Diamond’s actions seemed to endorse demonic themes, but Shusho responded by suggesting that she might investigate the matter further at a later time.

During the interview, YouTuber Presenter Ali posed a question to Shusho regarding the challenges and gaps within the Kenyan gospel industry, inquiring about potential problems.

In response, Shusho expressed her perspective that there is nothing inherently wrong with the industry, emphasising that fluctuations and challenges are a natural part of human nature and progression.

She went on to suggest that Kenyans might perceive the current challenges in the industry as significant, but these could be temporary obstacles influenced by various factors, including the timing of events.

Shusho asserted that the current situation is not dire, likening it to a period of hunger where sustenance eventually arrives. She encouraged people to embrace these circumstances and move forward.

When explaining her presence in Kenya, Shusho mentioned that Kenya is like her second home and that she has friends in the country.

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