“I’ve not seen my daughter for 5 years, I miss her” – mother of woman in Sh17bn oil saga

New revelations have emerged about Anne Njeri Njoroge, the businesswoman alleged to be behind the importation of oil worth KSh 17 billion.

Njeri surprised many Kenyans after she moved to court, claiming she owned the huge oil cargo imported from Turkey.

It has now emerged that Njeri’s mother, Pauline Wanjiru, doesn’t know the kind of businesses her elder daughter engages in, NTV reported.

Wanjiru, 71 years old, disclosed that she last saw her daughter about five years ago, noting that they have been communicating via the phone.

“I have not seen my daughter for five years. Yes I miss her. I want her to come and see me, but she tells me she has been busy.

I only see her on video calls, and I’m happy with that because she is okay, and I am okay. If there is anything troubling me, I tell her on the phone,” Wanjiru said.

She stated that, despite her daughter failing to visit her, she was not bothered as long as she was okay.

“As long as I know my daughter is well and working, and if I seek her help, she responds, I do not bother her personal life,” she added.

She claimed that since her daughter has never been arrested or put in jail, the problems that have recently arisen are the result of business rivalry.

Living in a two-bedroom wooden house, Wanjiru revealed she had no idea her daughter, who left school in Form One, was wealthy.

“I don’t know whether she’s rich or not. What I know is that she tells me she runs businesses in Dubai, and I cannot tell exactly what she does for a living,” Wanjiru disclosed.

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