WATCH: Diamond Platnumz introduces new signee for Wasafi label

Later today, Diamond Platnumz, the CEO of WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby), will officially announce the signing of a new artist to their prestigious record label.

Following an apparent hiatus of roughly three years and seven months since the label’s previous revelation of Zuchu, the announcement was made via Instagram.

As he and the other signees shared the news with fans, Diamond Platnumz, better known as Chibu Dangote, expressed how excited he was to highlight the abundance of talent in his nation.

He reaffirmed his goal of introducing icons into the music business in an Instagram post, writing:

“We just unveil icons, and so when you hear we are unveiling artists, just know we are bringing icons only. I don’t just sign artists.”

“Fans should be getting different music, and that is what I have been trying to do as an artist,” he added.

In February 2023, Diamond Platnumz revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the contract signing process by sharing a passage of the WCB-new artist agreement.

But as of right now, neither the name nor the face of the upcoming talent are known.

The WCB label has seen a number of recent departures, including Rayvanny, who founded Next Level Music, who opted to pursue an independent career. The new signing follows in their footsteps. Renowned performers like Harmonize and Rich Mavoko have left the scene in the past.

In July 2022, Diamond Platnumz addressed allegations of exploitation and refuted claims that she demanded hefty payments to end a contract.

He made it clear that WCB Wasafi is a company that makes significant investments in the music business.

“We are in the music business but at first there were rumours that artistes are being exploited. It even reached the President but we explained ourselves saying this is business and they understood it from our point of view.

“So you can’t just leave when we have invested millions in your craft. I invest in these people, make ensure they have a name for themselves, plus shows so that we can also make money at the end of the day,” Diamond explained.

“If I wanted I could have invested that money in something else, but I choose to invest in entertainment. WCB artistes are some of the richest artistes right now because of the investment we put in them.”

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