President Ruto now blames high cost of living on Russia-Ukraine war

Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war, according to President William Ruto, are to blame for the high expense of living.

During an interview with Inooro TV, the head of state stated that Kenya is not the only country experiencing a high cost of living due to a global crisis.

Ruto also stated that Russia’s withdrawal from the UN grain accord in July has had an impact on the country’s food supply.

“The high cost of living is a worldwide issue, Kenya is not the only country going through it. Covid-19 disrupted the whole world, the Russia-Ukraine crisis is also a factor,” he said.

Ruto, however, declared that his administration has crafted a plan on how it will lower the cost of living, to enable every Kenyan live comfortably.

“We are going to deal with the challenge of cost of living. Kama unataka kusuluhisha matatizo ya nja na gharama ya maisha na chakula, lazima upige reverse mpaka ufike kwa mkulima,” he said.

This is loosely translated to: We are going to deal with the challenges of cost of living. If you want to solve the issue of hunger, high cost of living, and increased prices of commodities, you have to go back to the farmers,” he said.

Ruto in June said that the high cost of living being experienced in the country is keeping all leaders awake, including himself.

“We will work together as leaders of Kenya and fully lower the cost of living, my administration has a plan. This issue is keeping me awake,” he stated.

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