“Uko na akili ingine, ama ni hiyo tu?” – Larry Madowo claps back at fan who questioned his cooking

Larry Madowo has demonstrated that he is an excellent cook in addition to being a skilled news reporter.

The CNN International correspondent was seen in a video mixing maize flour over a gas fire with skill, stirring the mixture with a wooden spoon until it solidified into a smooth dough.

Then, in order to proudly demonstrate his culinary prowess to his followers, he forms the ugali into a ball shape and serves it on a dish.

Madowo boasted that he was a good candidate for marriage.

“Nani anataka ugali?”

See the video below:

His fans reacted with awesome comments, but one individual pointed out that it was an African for him to be seen in the kitchen.

“Umechoma Mzee!!! As African Men, We’re Not Supposed to Know The Kitchen Is Situated!!!” @mp_philo commented.

This however did not sit well with the journalist who questioned the tweep if he had working brains.

“Uko na akili ingine, ama ni hiyo tu?” Larry lashed out.

KOT joined in the cooking, and here are some replies:

@BigmanDarsil: Kanyaga uma Yeye Shingo, Malisaaaa
@kucheey: May find he’s tweeting from him mom’s house. Don’t mind him
One day he’ll kitchen’s GPS off head
@wuodmaggie_: Piga shingo, bado anapumua! 😂🥊
@Arap_Nyasikera: Over 80% of the ocean remains unexplored.
He might find his brains there

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