“Jirani analala na bibi zetu” – Bahati rants over poor music performance

Musician Bahati vented on social media about how Tanzanian music is performing better than Kenyan music, even on Kenyan-owned streaming services.

This came about as a result of Boomplay’s compilation of the top 10 songs in Kenya and the fact that, according to other streaming services, they were in the lead.

He pleaded with all Kenyan musicians in his lengthy caption to pay attention to him and consider all he was saying as an act of love.

“…But I thought I should share My Thoughts & Opinion and it’s out of nothing but Love ❤️ Wasanii Wenzangu Wa Kenya 🇰🇪 We might try to ignore this but Tumeacha Jirani analala Hadi Na Bibi Zetu… From YouTube, Boomplay, itunes to Our Radio & TVs… Number #1 to #10….”

The young man said that he has nothing against the Tanzanian and Nigerian artists but he says it’s the unity they have of holding each other and pulling each other up that helps them.

“…NO SOLO KENYAN ARTIST CAN TAKE OUR SOUND GLOBAL ON THEIR OWN THAT’S A FACT we need to Work Together as a team or else we will keep Curtain Raising for our Neighbours… ”

The father of 4 went on to add that Kenya produces some of the best entertainers, musicians, and even athletes, but for them to stay afloat they have to work together.


People took to the comments section to give their thoughts on his view some stating they agree with him others also giving reasons why Kenyan Music is doing badly.

Here are some of the comments left on the post:

terencecreative Kweli kabisa,,,..content creators mumeskia pia.

ericomondi AMKEEEENIII…WAMEANZA KUAMKA😂😂😂😂 Bro sijalala😂😂 But am happy umeona. I hope Wasanii wamekuskia. Let’s take back our rightful position as LEADERS of the Region. Baraka.

sirnewson Watched a whole playlist of afro music today and a majority of them were pure collabos…totally agree with that💯👌 teamwork works👌😅

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