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Linda Oguttu: My first salary was 4,000 – I have worked as hawker in town

Linda Oguttu, a veteran television personality, has spoken out after claims surfaced that she is working as a construction worker.

In her remark, Oguttu warned Netizens not to email her screenshots of the aforementioned report.

She also revealed that her first wage was Sh4,000, so she understands how to hustle if things go wrong.

“People, stop sending me this story. I have hawked things in this town. 1st salary was 4K, living in Gachie. Najua kuhustle. Assume I work in a mjengo, shida iko wapi?

“As long as we put food on the table. The best part is eating fresh food from kibandasky. Mjengo pia ni kazi tusitishwe,” Linda Oguttu questioned.

The statement elicited numerous replies from her fans and followers, with many admitting that they are proud of people who work in the construction industry.

Linda Oguttu
Linda Oguttu

Linda Oguttu’s statement further reveals that the alleged story is a hoax and that people should not believe it.

Linda Ogutu husband kidnapped

Linda Ogutu, will forever curse 31st October 2015. This is the day Linda Ogutu wealthy boyfriend, Dennis Mombo, who is the Managing Director of Mwananchi Microfinance Limited, was tortured and nearly killed after being kidnapped by thugs who demanded a ransom of Ksh 20 million.

Linda Ogutu boyfriend was kidnapped as he was accessing his posh home in Mountain View and taken to an apartment in Kileleshwa.

The eight armed kidnappers, who included a Youth Coordinator for ODM, robbed him of Ksh 80,000, a wrist watch, a gold ring and an iPhone, before demanding a ransom of Ksh 20 million.

Linda Ogutu
Linda Ogutu

He was held for five hours but was rescued by flying squad officers who arrested the kidnappers and recovered two guns in the apartment.

Ironically, detectives discovered that one of Mombo’s employees colluded with the kidnappers and is alleged to have been communicating with them hours before he was kidnapped.

Linda’s boyfriend was arrested on 21st August 2013 after a lot of flashy cars were found in his house and detectives connected him to a car theft syndicate.

It later turned out that Mombo engages in a shylock business where he gives people loans and uses their cars as collateral.

Her late father Tom Ogutu succumbed to lung cancer on 6th March 2016 at the Meridian Hospital in Nairobi West.



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