“Nilimkatia” – Kamene Goro admits she approached DJ Bonez, rejected her at first

Kamene Goro, a media celebrity, has RECALLED how she met her husband DJ Bonez.

In their new YouTube channel, the star revealed that she first met Bonez when she was 25, but he did not like her.

However, the radio personality revealed that she was the first to hit on him and made it a point to visit him practically every weekend.

“Ni mimi nilimkatia. He used to come every day to the hotel, we would hang out until ile siku nilienda. I got a lot of gigs in January, na nilikuwa nimeanza kumnoki kiasi so I always had a reason to come to Mombasa. Every weekend I was in Mombasa,” she said.

Kamene remembered surprising Bonez on his birthday two months after they began communicating and got to know each other.

The media personality also emphasized Bonez’s easygoing demeanor when she inquired about their relationship status.

“We started talking in the DM a lot. Alafu nikamwambia unaweza toka kwa DM uingie WhatsApp.

Every weekend I was in Mombasa, there was even a time we went by road. There was even a time when I had a private plane, alafu unajua saa hizo Bonez ananiambia nini, I’m asking him what are we and he says wacha Mungu atuongoze.

Hio time tushaenda hata first date, I even went and surprised him for his birthday,” she said.

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