“Mninunulie pakiti ya maziwa”: Mackenzie pleads with journalists to buy him bread, milk

Cult leader Paul Mackenzie has shocked many after he pleaded with the journalist to help buy him a packet of milk.

Mackenzie claimed that the media has profited greatly from publishing his stories and that it is wise to show appreciation by giving him food.

The troubled pastor is seen moaning while sitting in shackles next to other remandees in a video by Pwani FM.

He said that the journalists should be grateful for their freedom in contrast to him, who is imprisoned.

“Ile hela mmeunda hamuwezi ninunulia hata mkate. Mimi nimekaziwa hata siwezi kupata pesa. Si muende mniletee hata angalau pakiti ya maziwa,” he proposed.

Loosely translated as: “You folks should feed me with some of the proceeds you’ve made from my stories. I am in custody, so I can’t make money. Please bring me even a packet of milk.”

Mackenzie also expressed his disappointment over alleged mistreatment in police detention.

Speaking to the Media when he was arraigned at the Shanzu Law Courts on Friday, the controversial preacher said he has, however, found solace in religion and expressed hope that Jesus was going to rescue him.

“Nahisi kudhulimika tu basi. Kwa hivyo najua Yesu wangu ninayemtumikia, ninayemwaminia atanisaidia.”


Mackenzie has been in police custody since his arrest on April 15 when two minors were found dead and buried in his Shakahola forest.

Mackenzie pleads with journalists to buy him bread, milk
Mackenzie pleads with journalists to buy him bread, milk

It was established that they had starved to death, prompting investigations which have so far led to the exhumation of more than 240 bodies from the expansive forest.

Government Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor said autopsy results showed that the causes of death ranged from starvation, asphyxiation and blunt force traumas to the heads of the victims.

This is not the first time Mackenzie has decried mistreatment.

While appearing before the Shanzu Magistrate Court in May, the preacher spoke of being held under deplorable conditions in the police cells.

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