“Worry about your cracked heels” – Esther Musila claps back at fan who questioned her marriage with younger man

Esther Musila, the wife of gospel artist Guardian Angel, has gotten into an internet spat after posting a video of herself filtered to appear older.

Musila planned to distribute the filtered video to promote respect for the elderly.

Aging is a natural process that should be welcomed, as Musila’s tagline, “Respect old age, it’s your future,” intended to communicate.

Faith Wairimu, a fan, questioned Musila, 52, about her marriage to a younger guy, meaning a hypothetical future in which her son marries an older lady.

Wairimu wrote:

“What if your son one day brings a wife older than him? How will you feel?”

The mother of three swiftly defended her choices and reminded Wairimu to mind their own business and focus on their concerns rather than meddling in her family affairs.

“That will be my son who will bring not yours, so let it not bother you. Worry about your weight finances, cracked heels, or relationship, just be busy,” she replied.

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