Madem hawahurumii mayatima! Kenyans react to video of KRG flirting, touching Diana Marua in club

On social media, a video showing rapper KRG The Don having a good time with singer Kevin Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, was posted.

Kilundeezy posted a video of KRG The Don making unlawful physical contact with Diana on Twitter, which sparked a huge online backlash.

Diana may be seen encircling KRG with her arm. They danced together, seated, on the Don’s shoulder.

When they finally rise up, Diana starts to chuckle as KRG whispers in her ear.

Bahati didn’t seem bothered despite the proximity and close physical touch.

The Mama hitmaker casually remarked: “We are here with Buga (KRG The Don).”

Watch the video:

KOT react to KRG and Diana’s video

The video has sparked a flurry of emotions on Twitter, with many users questioning the boundaries between KRG The Don and Diana.

@Josh001J: For you to survive in relationship as a man either ukubali kukalia bibi ama bibi akukalie. Bahati is a perfect ecample of a man who is in a relationship to please the masses.

@WebianK: It seems the girl has held him hostage, uniachi na sikuachi.

@kelemet_: From the streets she emerges and to the streets she’ll vanish not immediately but eventually

@lordkeymoney: Zebra is getting tired of the cowshed. 🤣

@PinelicD: they mastered the art of making money as a couple.. videos are always intentional with some controversy to make it appear real

@BravinYuri: Disrespect! Zero boundaries. You are partying with a ‘Friend’ and he is nibbling in your wife’s ears all the time. Fam, huna wife hapo and that friend does not respect you.

@_Braam: bro took her off the streets, realised he can’t take the streets out of her so he decided to accompany her to the streets
@carltonkitheka1: From this video you would think KRG is Diana’s husband and not Bahati

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