Akothee’s father says he has never received dowry from her 7 husbands

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has denied allegations that she has been married seven times. Akothee recently stated on social media that she has only been officially married twice.

“I told my father that people on social media say he has received 7 dowries from my 7 husbands, is it true?”

Akothee’s father, who she was visiting at the time, also denied the rumors.

He said that he has never received dowry from any of Akothee’s husbands.

“His answer, ‘No, I haven’t even seen you with any man.”

Akothee said that she is tired of the rumors and that she wants her fans to know the truth. She said that she has only been in two serious relationships that have led to marriage.

Akothee urged her fans not to believe everything they see on social media. She said that there are many people who spread lies and rumors in order to damage her reputation.

Akothee’s fans have been supportive of her. They have said that they believe her and that they are tired of the rumors.

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