KMTC student kills girlfriend after finding her with another man

A birthday party for medical college students in Kanyakine, Imenti South, turned sad when one of them was murdered by her lover in the early hours of Sunday.

Winfred Opha was supposedly murdered by her visiting boyfriend when he discovered her with another man.

Kanyakine’s acting chief, Humphrey Mugambi, said students from the college held a party on Saturday night and partied till Sunday morning.

“The boyfriend visited without informing her and when he found her in the company of another man, a fight broke out,” he said.

Winfred was stabbed three times — in the neck, chest and stomach — and she died instantly. Three other students were injured in the attack.

The killer, who fled after the attack, is still being sought by police, an officer at Nkubu police station said.

“We are still following up on leads to establish his whereabouts. He may have fled to Nairobi because he had visited his girlfriend,” the officer said.

Mr Mugambi said Kanyakine market has seen a spate of violent crime in the recent past due to a shortage of police officers.

“There are a lot of students in Kanyakine market after the opening of the medical college, but we have no officers to patrol at night. Four people have been killed in two months and this is worrying,” he said.

“When I walk around the market at night, I see criminals harassing people. They are not afraid because they know I cannot arrest them,” he added.

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