Raila Odinga excites Kenyans after using matatu to work

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, decided to use a matatu instead of one of his expensive cars on Monday to get to work.

A few days prior, in response to Kenya’s high cost of living, he urged citizens to carpool, walk, or take public transportation to work.

The former prime minister is shown on camera making his way from his house to a bus stop, where he chats with locals, buys newspapers, and eventually boards a Matatu.

“Embracing the convenience and camaraderie of public transport heading to work this morning,” Raila said.

He was accompanied by his aides.

On June 27, Raila, during a Kamukunji rally urged Kenyans to walk to work in order to deny President William Ruto fuel tax.

He said the sum effect of this move was to limit the consumption of petrol and diesel by public service vehicles.

“One way, to do this is to carpool. Let us arrange to make regular journeys in a single vehicle whenever possible. Give each other a ride. Cut down on non-essential travel. Walk instead of driving whenever possible,” Raila said.

“I appeal to all the employers to allow their workers time to walk to and from work,” he added.

The opposition leader also appealed to Matatu operators to carry excess passengers to limit the number of vehicles used thereby limiting fuel consumption.

“I appeal to the Matatu owners to support tax boycotts. While observing safety measures, maintain the current fare but double your carrying capacity as part of the civil disobedience,” Raila said.

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