Poleni! Zari Hassan disappoints fans after new announcement

The well-known socialite Zari Hassan has apologized to her followers for missing her highly anticipated Zari All White performance in the UK.

The King Of Clubs, located at 73 Hill Street, was to host the event on Saturday.

Zari apologized and provided an explanation for her absence on social media.

“Apologies to everyone that turned up yesterday for the white party in Birmingham to see me but couldn’t,” Zari shared in her apology.

She went on to say that she was disappointed by the promoter’s failure to uphold some contractual obligations.

Even though she waited in her hotel room, the event did not go as expected.

Zari highlighted that she was unable to carry out her half of the bargain if the contract’s conditions were not met.

She stated the desire to one day meet her followers.

The socialite and her husband, Shakib Cham, had landed in the UK a few days previously. Along with Zari, Tanzanian singer Rayvanny was also supposed to perform at the club.

The presence of Namibian businessman Luis Munana, who is part of the Netflix reality show “Young, Famous and African,” added to the support for Zari during her visit.

Zari Hassan’s popularity and influential status as a mother of five have garnered a dedicated fan base around the world.

Her fans were undoubtedly disappointed by the unforeseen turn of events and the cancellation of the highly anticipated event in Birmingham.

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