Munge Wachira, the man who trekked for 13 Hours from Kahawa Wendani to Murang’a

Munge Wachira embarked on a quest to break barriers by walking for over thirteen hours from Kiambu to Murang’a.

Undeterred by the thought of exhaustion, hunger, facing speeding vehicles, and meeting unfriendly faces, Wachira was relieved after completing his walkathon on Friday, June 23.

By embarking on the 65-kilometre journey from Kahawa Wendani in Kiambu to Maragua in Murang’a County, the 46-year-old ignited a powerful wave of inspiration among countless diabetes patients.

The brave effort aimed to raise awareness about this chronic condition, offering a glimmer of hope to millions who struggle with it daily.

“‘Mungethewalker’ completes the 65 Kilometre Walkathon from Kahawa Wendani in Kiambu County, Kenya to Maragua in Muranga County, Kenya, covering a total of 83,830 Steps, 13 Hours 10 Minutes, and 3,332 Kcal,” he stated expressing his pride in how he had pushed himself beyond his unknown limits.

The activist started the journey from his Kahawa Wendani home on Thursday, June 22, at around 4 am armed with a headlamp.

“During this walk, I have to be careful. Walk fast and have enough supply for the journey,” he narrated.

Wachira shared the news of his walkathon with friends who lauded his courage to create awareness of diabetes and prayed for his safety on the road.

During his journey, he took food breaks and sought shelter from the occasionally harsh drizzling weather. Nevertheless, he persisted, unwaveringly fixated on reaching the finish line.

He revealed that he would take a car back home before embarking on another journey to Othaya in Nyeri, in honour of his late grandfather, who succumbed to diabetes.

Notably, Wachira is a triumphant diabetes warrior, having conquered the disease himself in 2019. His noble mission is to extend a helping hand to others who are afflicted by the same condition.

The survivor advised patients to consider making dietary changes and engaging in daily exercise, under the guidance and consultation of their doctors.

“My mission, vision, and goals are well defined. I am well, fighting hard and consistently on diabetes reversal,” he stated.

The 46-year-old started his journey to a healthy life after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 25.

“I have been fighting diabetes for the better part of my life. I cannot believe I am no longer waking up with a glass of water to take tablets,” Wachira, a trainer and motivational speaker, appreciated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the prevalence of diabetes in Kenya is 3.3 per cent, with projections indicating a potential increase to 4.5 percent by the year 2025.

Diabetes affects the body’s response to insulin, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood.

Source: Kenyans

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