Subaru guy loses Sh360,000 to ‘basmati babe’ he took to Vasha rally

Victims of “mchele babes” at the Naivasha rally are literally crawling out of the woodwork, making the World Rally Championship Safari Rally’s repercussions more apparent.

In several cases, the three days of revelry known as “Kupiga Sherehe” resulted in losses of more over Sh1 million, according to a police status report.

According to Nation reports, two victims narated how they lost more than Sh360,000 after their drink was spiked at an entertainment venue in Naivasha town.

“I woke up in my hotel room after a night of fun. Shockingly, the person who stole my money was a lady I had travelled with from Nairobi.

She took my car keys (Subaru) and used them to steal the money that was hidden in the vehicle,” recalled one of the victims.

Another victim who was still in disbelief narrated his ordeal, losing Sh450,000 to the basmati babes.

He woke up on Sunday at Kinungi trading centre, where he was dumped, only to discover that the fraudsters had emptied his Sh450,000.

“Next to me was another drug victim who I woke up and we both staggered to the hospital to be examined before reporting to the police,” he recalls.

The notorious Mchele gangs have long wreaked havoc in Naivasha and have tentacles in Nairobi, where they have been linked to a number of high-profile incidents that have put senior police officers on edge.

For example, in 2021, a farmer in Narok was drugged and lost at least Sh 800,000.

Another victim was drugged and lost Sh500,000 from a local bank account, Sh10,000 from Mobile Money, Sh73,000 from another mobile banking transaction and an IPhone 11 pro max.

Another victim was also drugged and lost Sh900,000.

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