“I did not see Babu Owino with a gun” – DJ Evolve says he’s paying his medical bills as friend

DJ Evolve, who was reportedly shot by Babu Owino, a member of parliament for Embakasi East, in a club in Nairobi in 2020, has now testified in court that he did not observe the lawmaker carrying a gun on that particular day.

DJ Evolve, real name Felix Orinda, spoke during his Thursday deposition as a defense witness in a case alleging the MP misused a firearm.

But he admitted to the Nairobi court that he had been shot and hurt on that fatal day, but he was unsure from what gun.

The performer continued by claiming that Babu Owino is his friend and has been helping him, among other things, by paying his medical bills.

“Did you see Babu Owino with a gun?” Defence lawyer Duncan Okatch asked DJ Evolve, to which he responded saying; “No, we were just having conversations.”

He went ahead to add, “I was injured by a bullet but I don’t know from which gun…I just found myself in a vehicle to hospital…I came to find out that Babu Owino was supporting me and as a friend I expected my friends to look after me.”

“I received medical care…my utilities and general well-being was taken care of…I’m giving out this testimony voluntarily,” he added.

The Embakasi East legislator’s private protection officer and personal assistant Edwin Otieno also gave his testimony, telling the court that – before the day of the incident – Owino’s firearm had an issue and he had told him that it jammed at the shooting range.

Babu Owino last week told the court that he has so far so spent Ksh.58.6 million in treating and taking care of all of DJ Evolve’s bills.

These, he said on Thursday last week, include a Ksh.17 million apartment in Kilimani, medical services accruing to Ksh.23 million, monthly Ksh.70,000 upkeep, and other expenses.

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