“They are rich” – Ruto claims Comedians Njugush and Butita earn more money than his salary

On Friday, President William Ruto praised the comedians Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and Eddie Butita for using their creativity to generate income.

The Head of State claimed that the two had raised the bar in terms of generating income from the monetization of their content while speaking at the Kenya National Drama Festival State Concert at State House, Nairobi.

According to Ruto, the duo undoubtedly earn more money than he does.

“Njugush and Butita are great artists who today are monetising their content. Pongezi sana…those two young men are making more money than my salary.

“Msiwaone hivi ati wamevaa sijui T-shirt namna gani…they are serious entrepreneurs.

Congratulations for being the example to many of our young people and knowing that the creative space, the YouTube space is available for jobs for our young people,” said Ruto.

Njugush, for his part, praised the President for taking an active interest in artistic concerns and supporting artists.

“We’ve come to this place so many times for drama festivals, but this is the first time there’s a stage – a downstage and an upstage.

“I remember coming here when the late former President Mwai Kibaki was still in power. We came to perform for him and we performed to the point of throwing ourselves on the grass.

This was because we were in front of the President… only to be told after the performance that the President had stepped out for a few minutes,” he said amid laughter from those present.

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