Georgina Njenga accuses Tyler Mbaya of being a gambling addict, borrows money to bet

Former Machachari star Tyler Mbaya alias Baha, according to US-based content creator and doctor Nurse Judy, is lax at home.

After borrowing KSh 62,000, the nurse claimed Baha scammed her out of KSh 20,000.

She posted several screenshots of their discussion, describing how Baha’s insistence led her to decide to contact his girlfriend.

Currently, Baha and Georgina Njega are married and share a daughter who was born in 2022.

Judy claims that she was perplexed to see Georgina living her best life and having a great time while out on the town despite Baha’s claims that they were facing eviction due to financial difficulties.

According to Judy, she was baffled when she saw Georgina living her best life and enjoying her night out in exotic places despite Baha claiming they were in financial turmoil and were being evicted.

“I was like huyu msichana hakai kama watu wanapitia shida. Because I remember when we were going through things, you don’t live your best life like that.

Nikasema they can’t be evicted and she’s looking like that. Vile niliona hivyo, ikabidi nitext Georgina. Nikasema ‘hey. I’m sorry to intrude, but are you guys being evicted?’.

Because your husband reached out to me akitakaa nimkopeshe pesa but from your Instastories I don’t feel like that could be the case,” she said.

The screenshots Georgina posted showed her asking Nurse Judy whether she and Baha knew one another before confessing that her baby daddy has been struggling with gambling.

“Hey, I’m not aware of anything of the sort and no we are not being evicted. Do you guys know each other?

But he has been having a betting problem but if anything he did not borrow money to help us with anything, probably for him.

He didn’t even tell me about this and I pay all the bills. I feel so bad that he’s using our child to get money and just bet,” she said.

The couple have since unfollowed each other on Instagram raising suspicions about their relationship.

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