Blow to Embarambamba as YouTube, TikTok delete his accounts

Embarambamba, a Kisii gospel artist and content creator, has admitted that the loss of his TikTok and YouTube accounts has stressed him out.

The outspoken artist confessed that losing his accounts has been a serious setback for him and his career in an interview with Nairobi News.

The YouTube account for Embarambamba was deleted due to copyright violations.

Pastor Ezekiel’s New Life Church issued the copyright strike, claiming that Embarambamba did not have authorization to utilize the footage of Pastor Ezekiel teaching in one of his songs.

Pastor Ezekiel has since been urged to end the copyright strike by Embarambamba.

“I am not doing well. That is why you have been seeing me do a lot of dramatic videos to keep entertaining my followers. Some were worried if I am okay but ni stress”, he said.

Recently, the singer’s dancing video went viral on social media platforms.

The singer, whose outlandish musical style and anomalous music videos have always fascinated Kenyans, was seen doing skittish moves as he attempted to imitate the mannerisms of a woman.

Dressed in red sneakers and a matching top, Embarambamba danced jovially as he replicates the idiosyncrasies which made him popular in the first place.

Embarambamba’s previous release, ‘Nikuingize ndani’, similarly rattled the masses.

The Gospel jam was accompanied by a rather head-scratching music video which featured the singer half-naked in the bush, serenading a lady draped in a white towel.

Many industry players as well as Kenyans online have blasted the Kisii singer for his outlandish stunts, while also asking him to drop the mischief.

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