Chuka University student kills himself in girlfriend’s house after losing a bet

In Kangaru village, Embu County, a 23-year-old student at Chuka University committed suicide inside the rental home he shared with his fiancée.

The student’s body was apparently discovered on Wednesday by the female who was out and about attending a lecture when he committed suicide.

“At around 3pm, I was called and told that there is someone who had killed himself in a house. I came and I was told by the girl that she left the house at noon and returned at around 3pm and found he had hanged himself,” Ms. Wambeti said.

The administrator noted that the man had visited his lover, who is also a student in the same institution.

She reportedly left him in her room to attend classes, only to come back and find his body hanging from the roof of the bathroom with a belt.

It is alleged that the man had a betting addiction, which may have triggered him into committing suicide after losing a bet.

Police visited the scene and moved the body to Embu Level Five Hospital Mortuary.

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