Njugush explains his photo on popular Chemistry book cover

Njugush, one of the most famous and popular content creators, recently opened out in a podcast about how he ended up on the cover of a high school Chemistry book.

Njugush admitted in a podcast with Mwafreeka that the person on the book’s cover was him, and he still remembers when the photo was taken.

He claimed that the photograph was shot as he was working on a chemistry homework for his final high school exam, the KCSE. He then shared the photo on his social media accounts.

That’s how one of his professional buddies captured the image and placed it in the chemistry book.

“This picture is mine but that book I think they just overlaid it. There is a guy on Twitter who is very good at graphics, that’s why he made it the way he did,” Njugush said praising the guy.

He was taken aback because he had not expected this to happen.

Njugush explains his photo on popular Chemistry book cover
Njugush explains his photo on popular Chemistry book cover

Njugush stated that Chemistry was one of the most difficult topics in school, and that it was the reason he was unable to achieve his aim of passing all science classes and becoming a pilot.

“That picture was taken when I was in the last chemistry paper, I really liked Chemistry. I wanted to be a pilot and I took all the sciences, chemistry when it started to mix with math that’s when we started to mix because why should I do math with chemistry?”

The comedian confessed that throughout high school, everything requiring mathematics was a major issue for him; he disliked math in general, and this may have contributed to his failure to achieve the grades he desired in KCSE.

He did, however, express gratitude for his success in content creation and the fact that he is currently living his dream life.

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