17-year-old boy dies after being thrown out of moving bus for failing to pay 20/ fare

Yesternight, angry Kenyans burnt a matatu in pipeline, Embakasi after the conductor threw a 17-year-old boy out of a moving bus for failing to pay Sh 20 fare.

The bus believed to be owned by the Embassava Sacco ran over the schoolboy, killing him on the sport.

According to eye witnesses, the deceased ran short of Sh 20, a move that angered the tout.

So a 17year old boy decides to board a bus and the next bus he gets is Embassava Sacco that operates Jogoo/Mombasa Road.

The conductor asks for money, the boy is short of 20/=, what does he do? He throws the boy out of a running vehicle and he dies. Angry residents torch the bus.”

The incident sparked online uproar as Kenyans called for action against the sacco;

@rozzykanyua says: The entire Sacco should be suspended for a whole month iwe funzo kwao. It happened around 6pm I left people gathering there to see if the victim survived. It was sad imagine as a family waiting for someone who is not ever coming back home. 

@AlitsiPerrie says: The build up was crazy! It partly affected manyanja road. That’s cruel for the embasava conductor. I hope that pos rots in hell. I finally pray the Deceased’s family will get justice.

@DNjamumo says: The problem with the tout sector started when the government allowed nitwits, dunderheads, uneducated, people to take over that career, why can’t it be regulated to accommodate reasonable learned people with wisdom, knowledge

@clarenceondabu writes: @kipmurkomen hii transport sector ni kama are too soft and quiet for that sector like your predecessor. Read from the books of the late Michuki on how to transform the transport sector..sasa unaishi Karen na mimi mtu wa bedsitter ndio nikueleze vile kufanya kazi?

@AshlyMaurine: 😳😳, these touts should be regulated.

@annenyanyua: Angechomanishwa na hiyo gari. That’s someone’s father who will not be going home again.

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