Nakuru woman in tears as her mother wastes her KSh 400k savings from Saudi Arabia job

Jane Waithera was on her way to Saudi Arabia, where she had obtained a new job thanks to an old acquaintance, just two months after receiving her national Identity Card.

The new move was a comfort for her because she had lived a life of struggle after her mother abandoned her to marry another man and she also had a falling out with her grandma.

“I was brought up by a single mum; my mummy and dad had separated. It was a life of struggle and granny used to manual work,” Waithera told TUKO.

“I joined nursery very late and I remember I was the only one who did have shoes,” Sad Waithera who eventually had to go and live alone

After trying everything to get a job, she met an old friend who introduced her to an agent who takes people to Saudi Arabia.

“When I left I just took my clothes and never looked back because I didn’t have money to pay for the house.”

When life was unbearable in her boss’ house, she ran away where she got another job.

Eventually, she was able to save and in one and a half year, she had saved KSh 400,000.

She intended to start a boutique or cereals shop with the money when she arrives back home.

People who had fled from sponsors were ordered to leave by the government, and they finally returned home.

“At the airport, I never saw my mum and she was supposed to come pick me up. When I asked her about the money to start my life she told me she spent the money,” said Waithera.

“I always used always sorted out their issues, bought them a cow and also helped them build a house. I found only KSh 30, 000 in the bank. Nililia hadi nikamwambia sitawahi kuita mum,” she said.

“Speaking as her mum let me say the truth, she used to send me money but I had issues so I spent it hoping to replace it by the time she comes back,” said Waithera’s mum in her defence.

The single mother of one is now looking for work and sponsorship for her son.

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