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“How hard life forced me to be a ‘con-man’ in US” – Comedian David The Student

Some years ago Kenyan comedian David Kangogo aka ‘David The Student’, moved to the United States hoping find greener pastures in place. However, life became more difficult, making him to devise new tactics of surviving like a real Kenyan.

A few months later, the comedian was accused of soliciting money from Kenyans in the diaspora to help his ailing father whom he claimed had been diagnosed with cancer.

He was also accused of borrowing cash and failing to pay back.

‘’Red alert my diaspora people. I want to notify you of a con man who has given some of us a head time here in the diaspora…comedian ‘David the Student’’ from Churchill show is a real con man,” one Kenyan living in the US said on social media.

The comedian has since reportedly returned to Kenya.

When he responded to the accusations, the former Churchill Show comedian confessed to to borrowing cash from Kenyans in the US and apologized for not refunding it.

He said:

“Hello, I have spent time reading this, and some of it is true(the borrowing of Money) But I have never told  anyone my Dad has cancer. Coming here(America) made me realize life here ain’t what we see and think there’s a dollar tree falling and people catch…being here for a couple of months had made me appreciate the hard work most of you guys (Kenyans in America) work so Hard to take care of your families and to live the American Dream. I apologies to anybody and everyone those I borrowed and those who lent me and I’ve not refunded. I take full responsibility and I am ashamed.”

Adding that: “…. I am taking full responsibility of some of the accusations.. and from the bottom of my heart I am sorry.



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