Diana Marua explains why she stopped breastfeeding her 4 months old daughter

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has admitted that she stopped breastfeeding her 4 months old daughter Malaika.

She acknowledged her house help for taking care of Malaika well since her weight has always been increasing.

“Irene has done a good job. I am always out and about. Let me tell you guys, don’t give yourselves stress. My breast milk dipped and finally dried.

That is what happened. Don’t give yourself pressure when you are not getting enough milk. If you have enough, breastfeed.

I feel so sad that baby is on formula but of importance is that she is healthy because there is nothing I can do,” Diana said.

According to her, one day she woke up feeling a lot of pain on her breasts and that was the last time she ever had milk.

“One day I woke up feeling pain. I wondered why that was happening yet my breasts were not full. It was at night, I took the milk pumps to express milk but I didn’t because I was too tired.

I woke up in the morning and expressed 30mls of milk and that was final. I don’t know why feeling pain. I have never gotten milk again,” she said.

During Malaika’s clinic day at Komarock modern hospital, Diana B opened up on how her daughter ended up depending on baby formula when she is supposed to be breastfed exclusively.


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