“I am very grateful”: Karim Mandonga Given new Car as a Gift for beating Kenya’s Wanyonyi

Tanzanian boxer Karim Mandonga has been presented with a new Toyota Nadia car by businessman DickSound following his return to Tanzania.

Mandonga had been offered the automobile if he would win his battle against Kenyan boxer Daniel Wanyonyi.

Tanzanian media personality Millard Ayo posted the story on social media.

Mandonga, according to Millard, was handed the car without any conditions.

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“Mandonga has been given a Nadia car by businessman DickSound without any conditions as part of fulfilling the promise he had made if he won the fight. The event took place on Tuesday, January 17, at DickSound Mall @dicksoundmall offices in Magomeni Dar es Salaam,” he wrote.

DickSound said: “I gave it to him as a gift, not for the Embassy, ​​he came to me when he was going to fight and I promised him if he won I would be able to give him a car, when he was in Kenya I saw a video and sent him to tell him you have let me down you won’t be beaten, he said no, it’s not true. I’m the one going up to fight, so today we entrusted him to congratulate him and fulfill the promise.”

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While receiving the car, the celebrated boxer said: “I am very grateful to DickSound. For this today my dream has come true, Mandonga is leaving with the great God.”

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