DCI detectives arrest Ex-Kiambu Woman Rep suspected of killing her husband

Gladys Chania, a former candidate for the Kiambu Woman Representative, has been detained by police as a suspect in her husband George Mwangi’s slaying.

Gladys was detained on Friday, October 14, according to Kiambu police captain Perminus Kioi, when her statement didn’t line up.

“Detectives have arrested politician Gladys Chania, who unsuccessfully vied for the Kiambu Woman Representative seat in the last general elections, as the main suspect behind the death of her husband engineer George Mwangi.

Gladys is believed to have masterminded the murder of her husband following her discovery that the father of their three children was having an affair with another woman.
In a two part series pieced together by the DCI Comms team, the deceased’s wife is suspected to have been Assisted by a newly employed casual labourer and other accomplices in committing the cold blooded murder.
George Mwangi, had arrived back into the country on September 13, from Rwanda, where he is a contractor,” part of DCI report reads.

She initially reported Mwangi missing to the police on Sunday, October 9, after he walked downstairs in their home.

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However, according to early reports, the victim was slain there before being abandoned in Kieni Forest in Gatundu North, Kiambu County, according to Kioi.

The Kiambu police boss added that four more suspects were arrested over the murder.

Police discovered Mwangi’s body dumped inside Kieni Forest in Gatundu North, Kiambu County, on Wednesday evening.

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