Singer Akothee announces plans to build a mega-school for the poor

Akothee has spoken out about her intentions to create a school where underprivileged children will receive a free education.

The singer revealed her plans on social media, saying that she has already reserved the site where the school will be built.

“Imagine a society where children can get free education, at least to read and write. Late last year I donated 7 acres of Land to AKOTHEE FOUNDATION…If I speak it, I do it. This is a major dream causing me sleepless nights. Groundbreaking 10th January 2023. Akothee Foundation Academy,” she wrote.


“Offering free education to the less fortunate. The pupils will shower in school, dress in school, eat both breakfast and lunch at school.

According to the mother of five, if she accomplishes her dream to complete the school and admit learners, her purpose on earth will have been fulfilled.

“When I am done with this project I can now rest in peace [sic]. Pray for me,” she concluded.

Other than her music, Akothee has been hailed for her willingness to help those in need through Akothee Foundation.

The foundation was unfortunately mishandled and the singer was forced to shut it down.

“When people wanted to own my life, and jump onto my success, using Akothee foundation that is hardly a year old, with no sponsors or donors as a way of hurting me! I had to put it on hold and concentrate on my life and my children! It hurts when you do things innocently and people feel entitled, the only way to protect yourself from users is to say. Sorry I don’t have,” shared Akothee.

According to the singer, giving her foundation her undivided attention is part of her retirement plans.

“The energy I had when I was 20 was not the same when I turned 30 and will not be the same when I am 50, I want to use my 40s properly do the hard things, wake up early, so I can have an easy life at my 50s and enjoy my sleep, my bed is not running away actually I don’t have an alarm my dreams wakes me up automatically I have set a target in my life that I must achieve. I will pick up the Foundation/charity as my retirement plan when I turn 45.

“For the next coming 5 years, I need it for myself. You can only work on yourself because you know yourself better, you have to choose and put things in place. I will finish building my empire, then go back to building rescue centers/schools/churches. Just hold on and pray with me. If God could change my life! He will definitely help me change people’s lives too,” she wrote.

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