Frankie JustGym Explains Why He Would Easily Go Back to Corazon than to Maureen

Fitness instructor Frankie Kiarie claims that he prefers to reconcile with Corazon Kwamboka to his ex-girlfriend Maureen Waititu.

This, he claims, is a result of how tumultuous his split from Maureen, with whom he had two sons, was. In an interview he gave Simulizi na Sauti, he said:

“I would choose Corazon because the breakup was not nasty. The bridge is still there, I see my children every time I want, we talk almost every day and I let her know my whereabouts.”

Frankie and Corazon broke up just weeks after the birth of their daughter.

While speaking to Mungai Eve in a past interview, Corazon said she and Frankie are still very good friends and they talk about life although they are no longer lovers.

“We are co-parenting and we are also very good friends. When I need help, I call him and we talk about our lives and challenges we are going through,” she said.

“We were friends even before we got babies. I think I have learned that communication is important when co-parenting because it is all about the kids. You have to let what made you break up go and be in a position you can communicate.”

Corazon said she love being a mum and her son made her even want to get more kids.

“The moment I held my first child, I knew I wanted more kids.

Motherhood has changed me in so many ways. I appreciate life differently. It also made me more ambitious and now I want to work even harder for their future. I am more patient. I didn’t automatically fall in love with motherhood but I bonded so much with my son as I got to understand what they love.“

Frankie and Maureen left a bitter taste on each other’s tongues.

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